Distributed Data Automation

Data is the new money

Labelled data could be used in an efficient way for transaction or machine learning, data now is the fuel of new digital economy.

Data is heterogeneous

The structure of data is very various. Despite many efforts for the use of standards we will always find different structure of data.

Data is movement

Your data is always out or in. Data has to be shared or received with various entities inside or outside of your organization.

Labelled data is the new data

Efficient data has to be labelled in order to become information. Labelled data can be use as source of training for machine learning.

So what is Distributed Data Automation ?!
[aka DDATAA]

It’s a mapping & labelling tool that distribute securely
all existing data structure within an ecosystem.
It creates a distributed layer of integration to interface all of the world data.
The secure distribution system makes all data resilient
and can recognize & re-use any existing structure of data on earth.


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